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No.1 EV Charger Installation  Company in Toronto

Foxwood Electric is a locally based electrical contracting firm in Toronto that undertakes a comprehensive array of services in residential, commercial, and Industrial Electrical system installations and maintenance


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A licensed electrician in Toronto or Etobicoke

Whether you live in Vaughan or Toronto, we can cater to the most difficult and specific of your needs. Our team of professional, insured, and licensed electrician in Toronto or Vaughan is here to get the job done and ensure your satisfaction.

EV Charger Installation (Generic)

Are you from Ontario or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)? Your search for high-quality Electric-Vehicle (EV) Chargers to get installed in your home ends at Foxwood Electric, Toronto, Ontario.

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Chris Ho
Chris Ho
We worked w/ both Aram and Mo on our home renovation and it was an incredible experience. Not only did they set our electrical up perfectly they were professional, courteous, and kind in helping us get lights and fixtures up – including our Christmas lights! An absolutely incredible team that we will be clients of for life. Couldn’t recommend them more.
Steve C
Steve C
We just had our panel upgrade from 100 to 200A and Aram was very patient and explained the whole process. The project was more complicated than I expected. His crew was very punctual, hard working and courteous and project was completed as per quote. We had to replace our old panel since our insurance company will not insure Stab-Lok panels anymore. Our wiring into the old panel was like spaghetti and they did a very neat job to tidy the wires to the new panel. They made sure that the project was completed on time and stayed late to get the job done so we could have power the same day. Upon completion, which was late at nite, they made sure that everything was cleaned and tidy. They had all the right tools, knowledge and skill set to get the job done. We won’t hesitate to use them again and would highly recommend them for any residential electrical project.
Rob Policicchio
Rob Policicchio
We could not have been happier. Aram and the whole team were professional and thorough.
Jatin Jadav
Jatin Jadav
Nothing but praise and satisfaction for Potlights installation and some lighting fixtures in our Basement. After obtaining 4/5 estimates, Fox Electric gave us an equitable quote for our budget. Their workmanship and professionalism was excellent. I would recommend hiring them for future undertakings ..***** Thanks to Aram and his crew.
William Luke
William Luke
Great service. My new light fixture, switches and receptacles look fantastic!
Chrys Iperifanou
Chrys Iperifanou
I would not hesitate to recommend Aram and his Foxwood Electrical team. They are reliable, neat, accommodating, very skilled professionals. Thank you Foxwood! I am very pleased. Chrys
Marc Bourre
Marc Bourre
Foxwood Electric was on time and very professional. They explained the process and help me understand the methodology and the work required. They Started work at 8:00 am. They replaced my old 200 amps panel with a new panel. Work extremely well done. Everything tested and labelled. They cleaned everything my wife and I very impressed. I would recommend them, they have a strong work ethic and are very professional. Cost was very competitive. The only other word that I have was wow. Very happy with the outcome.
Justine Cassar
Justine Cassar
I wanted to shared my experience with Foxwood Electric! Everything with Aram from start to finish was excellent! The quick response time and coordination of booking our appointment was fast and easy. We had Michael as our electrician. He changed all of our light fixtures in the house and did it seamlessly. Both Aram and Michael we’re extremely professional. I highly recommend them for all your electrical needs!

Commercial EV Charger Installation

We, Foxwood Electric are one of the best companies that focus on commercial EV charger installation. We are a fully licensed and insured company that meets all the required industry standards to install commercial EV chargers in homes, apartments, villas, and condos. With us, it is guaranteed that your EV charger installation project is in the right hands.

Select the perfect EV Charger and charge your vehicles by installing the charger through us at Foxwood Electric.

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Residential EV Charger Installation 

It is a convenience for you to charge your electric vehicles in your residential area.

We customize and increase the charging stations as per the requirements in the condo.

Condo EV Charger Installation

Our experienced and expert team vouches for electric chargers that are safe for home and condo electric car charging. We can set EV Charging stations for condos at affordable rates. The Condo electric car charging gets done by minimizing any obstacles during the EV charger construction. The cost to install EV charger in condo is affordable when compared with the EV charging sets that gets installed in the Condo area.

Level 1 EV Charger Installation


Level 2 EV Charger Installation


Level 3 EV Charger Installation

Select the perfect EV Charger and charge your vehicles by installing the charger through us at Foxwood Electric.

No matter the urgency of your problem, we will do absolutely everything we can to make things right. Our residential and commercial electricians in Toronto are always there to lend you a helping hand whenever you need it.

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