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Have you noticed flickering or dimming lights, or perhaps burnt out bulbs? If so, it’s possible that your home’s electrical system needs an upgrade. If your home’s electrical system is more than a decade old, it’s time for an upgrade. The safety of your family is paramount, which is why Foxwood offers residential electrical upgrades and rewires in the Toronto area.

The team at Foxwood has an expert understanding of all phases of the planning and installation process, from estimating costs to completing the job on time and within budget. Licensed electricians Foxwood Electric can upgrade residential electrical systems to ensure a safe home for your family. We provide a number of services, including updating existing wiring and installing newer models that meet current building code requirements.

Electrical panel upgrade

Older electrical panels are simply not built to handle the demands of today’s appliances. Overloading of circuits and fuses, as well as doubling up can cause fires. Using a circuit breaker panel eliminates these dangers by controlling the current flow and eliminating overloading, short circuits and overloads. When properly installed, modern circuit breakers protect your electrical system from overloads, as well as provide more space for additional circuits. This allows you to safely run more devices or add extra functionality to existing systems, without worrying about overloading surge protection devices or damaging current fuses.

Upgrading or replacing your outdated electrical system can be a complicated procedure. That said, if your fuse panel is outdated and not in line with current code requirements, it may be time for an upgrade. An electrical upgrade is a great way to increase the safety and convenience of your home. If your fuse panel is not in line with the regulations in the Canadian Electrical Code, you should consider replacing it so that you can enjoy more protection and convenience. The modern circuit breaker has many advantages over the old fuse system. Increased safety is one of these advantages.

Circuit Breaker Installation

Circuit breakers allow for every room in your house to be protected from an electrical malfunction, which prevents damage and possible injury. Each device in your home will have circuit breakers providing sensitive circuitry that responds if there is a fault, acting quickly to stop the flow of power and eliminating risk. The best part about this system is that this protection occurs without any input from you! Upgrading or replacing your outdated fuse panel is an option that will save money and provide more protection to your home and family.

If you’re thinking about upgrading or replacing your outdated electrical system, give yourself and your family the protection they deserve with modern circuit breaker panels. They are built to meet today’s safety standards and offer plenty of protection against electrical fires that may be caused by fault currents.

Here’s why you should upgrade your electrical panels:

At any time, you may encounter circuit overloads which can lead to short circuits, fires and other hazards. If you are experiencing frequent circuit breakers tripping, slow response of your electrical appliances or dim lights in your household in the middle of the night; it means there is a problem with the magnitude of the power supply being supplied to your home. To fix this problem, you should upgrade your old electrical panel with a modern breaker panel or box that offers high power capacity and better protection against various kinds of hazards like fires and short circuits.

The outdated electrical panel in your property may be the biggest safety hazard you don’t realize. It is a definite sign that your electrical system needs to be upgraded with a new Circuit Breaker Panel if any of its components are worn out or completely broken down. A circuit breaker panel is safer to operate, offers easier troubleshooting capabilities and costs less over time than fuse panels.

An electrical panel upgrade has many merits, which extend as far as boosting the monetary value of the property. In fact, it is wiser to consider doing it right before performing other renovations. Things like kitchen renovations or roof replacement bring an overall face value to the home when the electrical panel area is well tackled by professional Toronto electricians.

Service Upgrades and Electrical Repair Service Toronto

Want to upgrade your electrical panel? Trust the experts at Foxwood to provide you with the best Toronto electrical panel upgrade. We are a major electrical repairs, renovations and maintenance company in Toronto that has years of experience in this field. Our team has been trained by some of the finest professionals in the industry, enabling us to perform residential and commercial electrical services with unmatched excellence.

Foxwood Electric is your one-stop shop for all of your Toronto electrical panel services. We offer a wide range of electrical panel upgrade packages, from simple upgrades to modern power panels. As a professional electrical services provider, our team at Foxwood Electric Canada can deliver a wide range of top-quality electrical repairs and installations in Toronto. We always go above and beyond your expectations so that we can provide you with the best service that always exceeds your expectations.

Types of Electrical Repair Services in Toronto We Provide

With years of residential electrical experience, you can trust Foxwood Electric Canada to get the job done right. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your electrical panel, or need a quick repair on a circuit or breaker, our electricians are here to help! We perform:

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No matter the urgency of your problem, we will do absolutely everything we can to make things right. Our residential and commercial electricians in Toronto are always there to lend you a helping hand whenever you need it.

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