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Home! Home isn’t just a space for living. Home is where you live for, with, and in love. As such, light is one of home’s language to show and spread love. Your home’s lights and décor can tell a lot about your life. For this, no compromise can make regarding lights and arrangements. Understanding this, Foxwood, as a top rated Toronto electrician firm, plans and practices effective solutions for many electrical needs. We don’t just provide light arrangements; rather, we are capable of completing any residential electrician services. Search ‘electrician Toronto‘ and reach us.

At Foxwood Electrical, our unwavering commitment is to elevate the functionality, aesthetics, and safety of your residential or space through our expert electrical services. Our commercial electrician Toronto understand the importance of proactive maintenance and efficient electrical systems to ensure uninterrupted power and prevent potential issues. With many years of dedicated service in Toronto, our team of licensed electricians brings extensive experience and transparent pricing to projects of all sizes.

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From Foxwood, people always expect nothing less than the best. Keeping this in mind, we are in Toronto with many residential electrical services and solutions for any of your needs. Our top residential services are:

Electrical Construction

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Wiring services


Lighting Services


Panel Upgrade services

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Electrical Floor Heating and Snow Melting System

Foxwood’s Electrical construction services

Foxwood, as one of the best electrical contractor Toronto, excels in delivering excellence in electrical construction. Our dedicated industrial and commercial electricians prioritize meticulous design, efficient power systems, and innovative solutions. We provide comprehensive services for building systems, using cutting-edge technology for on-time, budget-conscious project completion. Our expertise extends to lighting, control, power system design, and maintenance, with a focus on energy efficiency and aesthetics. We offer end-to-end support for residential projects and pre-emptive pre-construction services for smoother processes. Trust Foxwood for top-tier expertise, innovation, and reliability in electrical construction.

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Foxwood’s Wiring services

Foxwood Electric, as a top electrical company Toronto, specializes in residential and commercial wiring services. Our certified electricians ensure precision and professionalism in services like rewiring, new installations, and inspections. We offer efficient solutions for receptacle replacements and lighting enhancements, tailored to your needs. From new construction to custom additions, our expert electricians provide various wiring techniques, including safety inspections and rewiring to meet modern codes. We address fire risks, replace aluminum wiring, and enhance appliance wiring for safety and performance. Trust Foxwood for expert and comprehensive wiring services in Toronto.

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Foxwood’s Lighting services

Foxwood Electric offers expert lighting installation and electrical service Toronto, including track lighting and recessed lighting installation, ensuring beautifully illuminated rooms. We understand the crucial role lighting plays in both residential and commercial spaces. Poor office lighting can impact productivity and safety, but our years of experience in lighting installation guarantee top-notch service. Our licensed electricians handle a wide range of lighting fixtures, delivering quality and efficiency at affordable rates. Whether it’s landscape lighting, LED installations, or outdoor lighting, our experts create inviting outdoor spaces while enhancing safety and aesthetics. Adding value, aesthetics, and illuminated ambiance to your home or business, Foxwood Electric is your trusted lighting installation partner in Toronto.

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Foxwood’s Electrical Floor Heating and Snow Melting System

Discover the comfort and efficiency of radiant floor heating and snow melting systems offered by Foxwood’s licensed electrician Toronto. Radiant floor heating involves a network of tubing in your flooring to evenly distribute heat throughout your space, providing energy-efficient warmth. With electric floor heating, you can enjoy even heating without adjusting thermostats, offering both comfort and energy savings. Additionally, our snow melting systems are designed for the Toronto’s climate, ensuring safety on walkways, driveways, and more. These systems use intelligent temperature and moisture sensors to automatically activate, eliminating the need for shoveling or salt. Foxwood Electric provides cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions for your heating and snow removal needs in Toronto.

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Panel Upgrade services

Foxwood Electric in Toronto offers top-tier panel upgrade solutions and electrical services to meet your specific needs. Backed by experienced industrial electrician Toronto, we ensure a seamless and personalized upgrade process, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. We pride ourselves on reliability, offering a lifetime warranty on our labor and up to 3 months on materials. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide transparent pricing, always securing your approval before commencing work. Reasons to consider a panel upgrade include accommodating modern power demands, enhancing safety with advanced features like AFCIs and GFCIs, complying with evolving electrical codes, and meeting insurance requirements. By choosing Foxwood’s residential electrician Toronto, you benefit from our expertise, reliable equipment, and a safer, more efficient electrical system tailored to your property’s needs.

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Foxwood Electricians in Toronto provide a wide range of electrical services, including electrical installations, repairs, maintenance, lighting solutions, wiring upgrades, panel upgrades, electrical inspections, and more for cheap electrician rate Toronto.
Yes, Foxwood Electric offers emergency electrical services in Toronto. Our certified electrician Toronto understand the urgency of electrical issues and are available 24/7 to address any urgent electrical problems.
As one of the renowned electric contractors Toronto, we prioritise emergency calls and work to react as soon as we can. For urgent electrical issues, our crew is ready around-the-clock. Search ‘emergency electrician Toronto’
We offer a wide range of electrical services, including residential and commercial wiring, panel upgrades, lighting installations, electrical repairs, and more and just search electrician cost Toronto.
Yes, we are a licensed and insured electrical company. When you search electricians near me, our team of electricians is trained and certified to handle various electrical projects.

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