Switch and Receptacle Add-ons and Repairs

Switches and receptacles are electrical devices that serve as the main distribution points for your home’s electrical power. They’re used in every room, from kitchens to bathrooms and basements. Modern switches have a number of features that make them safer than older versions. By choosing a durable switch, you can add an extra measure of security to your home by protecting against electrical fire. Our electricians can install new switches and receptacles for remodelling projects, new appliances or repairs on faulty outlets.  

At Foxwood Electric, we design electrical outlets and switches based on your needs to ensure that you get the most out of your household wiring. We’ll help you identify which receptacles will work best for specific appliances like air conditioners, irons, and space heaters. Foxwood electricians in Toronto can install new outlets or switches for new appliances, remodelling projects or replacements. We can also install GFCI outlets, which provide safety against severe electric shock and help prevent damage to appliances. Our team of electricians is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service at affordable rates.

Our Toronto electricians are trained to follow the electrical code for your area, so you can rest assured that your home is safe from power surges and other hazards related to faulty wiring.

Electrical Switches and Outlet Installation and Repair Services

When you’re working on your home, you need to ensure that every electrical outlet and switch is working. Whether you’re installing new appliances or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we can help. At Foxwood Electric Canada, we ensure that your home is equipped with the right electrical receptacles. Whether you want to install new appliances or remodel your home, we can repair or install new electrical outlets. Our goal is to make sure that your home is safe and you can rely on the reliable power delivery from our switches and outlets service.

We provide efficient electrical switch and outlet services to homeowners, businesses, and contractors all over Canada. 

Our technicians will also review any safety issues and perform a complete audit of all existing devices in your home. When you hire us for your electrical switch and receptacle services in Toronto, you can expect reliable service and quality workmanship on every project.. The professional residential electricians at Foxwood have years of experience installing, testing and providing maintenance on new electrical outlets. Each and every day, we get to hear how happy our clients are with our professional electrical switch and outlet services. Our team of electrician experts will ensure you are a happy customer too.

Outlet Repair and Installation Services Toronto

Switches, outlets and receptacles are an essential part of our homes. They allow us to safely deliver power to our appliances.  An electrical outlet is a safe and simple way to power lights, appliances and other devices in your home. A household electrical outlet has two or more sockets for electric plugs to be inserted. It’s a part of the electrical wiring system, which supplies power to the users and allows them to plug in their electrical appliances. The outlets are installed at various places like the kitchen, study room and bathroom. Electrical outlets are designed to connect with plugs that have prongs designed to be inserted into the outlets. This ensures that power flows safely and reliably through all of your household electrical devices.

If you need expert electrical assistance of the best quality, reach out to our emergency electricians in Toronto. Contact our Toronto residential electricians today for all electrical switch and outlet services!

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From the moment you turn on a light switch or open the refrigerator door, electricity flows, providing us with a multitude of tasks that we can accomplish each day. Make sure you’re protecting your family by checking all of your outlets for any problems. If you notice any sparks or sizzling sounds coming from an outlet or if it feels loose, contact your local electrician for repairs immediately. Malfunctioning power outlets pose the threat of fires and electric shock to you and your family. Faulty outlets need to be repaired or replaced as soon as you notice the first signs of an electrical issue, such as inability to hold the plug, or sparks while plugging and unplugging an appliance. Trying to repair plugs without taking the services of a professional electrician is dangerous and unapproved.

GFCI Outlets

GCFI (Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlets help prevent electric shock. They are installed in every home, as required by the Canadian Electrical Code. In terms of safety, they’re a must-have feature in the bathrooms, kitchens and outside of your home, where the areas are more likely to get wet. GFCI outlets are often a good option because they combine the standard outlet with a built-in circuit breaker. The outlet has test and reset buttons on them and shuts off the current if there’s a power surge or if water or other conductive materials get into the electrical circuit.

What these outlets do is monitor the flow of electricity. If the outlet notices any kind of mishap, like a faulty appliance (like a hair dryer) or just water getting into the outlet’s area, it cuts off the power immediately. That helps prevent shock and injury. By  the code, GFCIs are required in all homes, so if you live in an older home, you may need to update the existing outlets to GFCI outlets to keep your home safe.

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